Low Cost Print Ireland.com is a website and service operated by Bolton Print Ltd. Low Cost Print Ireland is licensed to Bolton Print Ltd and same reserves the right to change or update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to the customer. 

  1. PAYMENT: Strictly in advance of any work including sample(s) being started. No refund will be issued once print ready artwork has been submitted by the customer and the customer has given Low Cost Print Ireland.com its approval to proceed with the printing of its order. If for any reasons printed order(s) are dispatched/collected without being paid for in advance, full payment is due within 24 hours of same. 
  2. DELIVERY/COLLECTION: Delivery/collection periods quoted are from receipt of approved artwork and full payment, this may vary due to different processing methods used by individual card processors and Low Cost Print Ireland.com will only proceed with the printing of any order once same has reached its bank account. Standard/batching print turnaround times are from receipt of approved artwork and may vary from 3 to 15 working days, however at certain times and also depending on the complexity and volume of work being processed an express service may be an alternative at extra cost if the order(s) are required urgently. Any item quoted or represented for delivery or collection, or the carrying out of any work is given only as an estimate but in the belief that it can be kept. Nevertheless neither Low Cost Print Ireland.com or its agents or its servants shall be under any liability for any delay howsoever the same shall be caused. A delivery charge will be applied unless otherwise agreed. Where applicable free samples are available for collection only. Due to COVID 19 the above delivery times may be expanded beyond any date specified to the customer. All printed material that is damaged or substandard must be reported to lowcostprintireland.com  immediately on receipt by the customer and strictly no later than 3 days from it delivery/collection receipt date. Free delivery when you spend 250 euro or more excludes vat at the rate current and does not apply to batching quotes/prices or special offer prices.
  3. RETENTION OF TITLE: Title to the goods sold shall not pass to the customer until paid in full but once delivered/collected shall not be returned except with the previous written consent of Low Cost Print Ireland.com within 3 days of receipt of same. All artworks, origination, logos, discs, etc., created by Low Cost Print Ireland.com for the customer remains the property of same. All artworks supplied by non account and in some cases registered account customers will be disposed of after 3 days of their/its completed order being dispatched. All completed print orders not collected within 30 days from due date will incur a holding fee.
  4. RISK: Risk in the goods shall pass to the customer upon leaving Bolton Print Ltd premises or on delivery/collection to/by the customer or his representative or nominee at Bolton Print Ltd premises or to An Post or any carrier, and any such carrier shall be deemed to be the agent of the customer.
  5. EMERGENCIES: In the case where urgency or other factors occur, which require Low Cost Print Ireland.com to use its initiative in approving artwork or otherwise acting on behalf of the customer it will act according to its knowledge of the wishes of the customer but shall have no liability to the customer what so ever provided Low Cost Print Ireland.com acted.
  6. VAT: The invoice is strictly NETT of VAT and is charged at the rate then current. (All or any prices displayed exclude vat)
  7. Flaking/peeling of print or non drying of toner is usually caused by incorrect artwork (The wrong colour formula used in the file for example: RGB instead of C,Y,M,K  which is what all digital machines are set to) This is the customers own full responsibility to ensure that all is correct before submitting artwork for printing and Low Cost Print Ireland.com will be indemnified however same was caused.
  8. COLOURS: Orders are subject to normal colour deviations in silkscreen printing, foil blocking, pad printing, digital printing, large format printing and colour processing, materials and printed colours/photos/logos will be matched as closely as reasonably possible.
  9. QUANTITIES: While every endeavour is made to deliver the exact quantity ordered, in the event of a delivery of plus or minus 10% of the quantity ordered same will be charged.
  10. INSURANCE: Customers own responsibility. Risk begins when goods leave our premises.
  11. PRICES & QUOTES VARIATIONS: The contract price is subject to sight of copy of artwork, any unforeseen extra expense incurred by Low Cost Print Ireland.com will be passed on to the customer. All orders are subject to a minimum spend of 50 euro ex vat. All increase in costs of materials, extra ink coverage, different print layouts, currency fluctuations, rise in transport costs or any other major influence on the cost to Low Cost Print Ireland.com of goods contracted for and may be increased by Low Cost Print Ireland.com without or with prior notice to the customer. All prices given/displayed are calculated on print ready files being supplied and must be saved to the correct size(s) with cut marks, bleed and all fonts embedded. If for any reason artwork files supplied by the customer are incorrect, an extra charge may be applied. All quotes are valid for 10 days only from being submitted. All quotations are only an estimate and are subject to sight of copy and full disclosure of exact job specifications. Incorrect disclosure or misleading details supplied by the customer may result in an increase of price initially quoted to them. While Low Cost Print Ireland.com endeavors to offer the lowest price possible where possible by batching its print orders, this is not always viable due to its print scheduling and volume of work being processed at any given time. All orders that require a rerun of an existing print order for a non account customer after the artwork has been disposed of will incur a minimum print set up cost.
  12. PRINT AUDIT: Onsite print audits are carried out by Low Cost Print Ireland.com expert consultants and are chargeable. 
  13. JURISDICTION: This contract has been made in Dublin at Low Cost Print Ireland.com and shall be deemed to have been so made. DUBLIN AREA COURTS SHALL HAVE JURISDICTION in relation to any disputes arising.
  14. VIS MAJOR: In the event of war, riot, civil disturbances or other major forces outside the parties rendering it impossible or impractical for Low Cost Print Ireland.com to complete the contract Low Cost Print Ireland.com may at its option repudiate this agreement by writing to the customer.
  15. ARTWORK, BLOCKS ETC.: The cost of artwork, blocks and any origination is additional on the first order for any design/typesetting etc., and will be charged accordingly. All artwork costs are given only as estimates and any additional time taken to create artworks will be charged accordingly. When artwork has been approved, the responsibility rests with the customer to ensure that the design and the copy are correct before approving same to go to print. If copyrights unknown to Low Cost Print Ireland.com are infringed to meet customer’s instructions this is the customer’s responsibility and shall indemnify Low Cost Print Ireland.com in respect of all actions, proceedings, claims or costs, loss or damage or expense suffered by Low Cost Print Ireland.com in respect thereof. All artworks may be archived but only if requested to do so by the customer in writing to Low Cost Print Ireland.com. All print ready artwork(s) submitted before 10 am may be included for same day printing service at extra cost. All print ready artwork(s) supplied must be set as C,Y,M,K and all fonts embedded in to the file. All print ready artworks not supplied correctly or as specified above resulting in defected printed material will be the customers responsibility and will indemnify Low Cost Print Ireland.com against any wrong doing.
    All print sizes are approximate and may vary by a plus or minus of a few millimetres and to a maximum of not more than 50 mm. The standard business card size is 50mm x 85mm. A standard layout charge will applied to all print orders irrespective of the print ready artwork being supplied by the customer.
  16. INTERPRETATION: In the case of any conflict between any of these general conditions and any especially agreed conditions the latter shall prevail. 
  17. OFFERS – Promotional, Introductory or Otherwise: Low Cost Print Ireland.com reserves the right to increase or withdraw any of its prices at any time whatsoever without prior notice to the customer. Low Cost Print Ireland.com also reserves the right withdraw any introductory offer whatsoever without prior notice to the customer. All 15% off vouchers are only valid when 100 euro or more net total is spent. All introductory offers are valid for new customers only and not existing customers and are valid to the first 5 customers who make at purchase at Low Cost Print Ireland.com.  
  18. The customer agrees that all printed orders processed by Low Cost Print Ireland on their/its behalf may be used as a reference from time to time to promote the services of lowcostprintireland.com.