Artwork Requirements

Your peace of mind guaranteed: If you send us the incorrect size of your artwork you can be rest assured that it will be thoroughly checked by our art dept. before going to print so it does not end up in the incorrect size after being printed.

Supplying your own print ready artwork
We request all artwork to be supplied as set out below and in high resolution.
These options must be set in order to achieve high quality prints.
1/ Resolution – Select High Resolution
2/ Font Embedding – Should be set to “embed all fonts”
3/ Tick Crop Marks & Bleed only and always allow 3mm’s for the bleed.
Please ensure that all colour is set as CMYK and not RGB or spot, otherwise colours may vary from your original copy.

What is a Bleed?
A bleed is a border that must be added to all pictures and designs that run to the edge of the paper, so that there is no white space or border showing around the artwork. It is also important to keep all text/wording at least a minimum of 5 mm’s away from the edge of the design and the trim/cut line to prevent part of the artwork being cut off in the finishing process.

If you are unable to supply your artwork in the correct size with cut marks and bleed, we may be able to do so for you, however an extra small cost will be applied to each process carried out.

We accept files in PDF and high resolution JPEGS.
Artwork not supplied to our requirements will likely render an unsatisfactory result or even delay your order and incur additional fees. If you unsure about the artwork you have, it is always best to check with us beforehand to ensure that there are no complications with your order. If artwork cannot be used to produce what has been ordered, we will advise you of this and request how you would like to proceed. 

Please do not supply any print ready artwork saved as a PNG file 

If an artwork size is different to the ordered size, the ordered size always takes precedence. This is due to the fact that artworks from our customers are supplied in a variety of scales. With subjective issues of quality such as image resolution, we will sometimes advise you if the quality is extremely low, though again, we cannot be held responsible if the artwork you have supplied is in such a manner and isn’t suitable for your needs.

Please Note: We do not provide an online shopping service however we do provide an unbeatable personal shopping experience combined with high quality printing and best of all at great prices.

You can contact us directly by either email: or by phone 01 838 8810

Important Note: All print ready artwork supplied before 11am will be considered for same day printing.